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Limited quantities of sputtering targets, evaporation materials,  powders along with Endura backing plates and targets are now available during our  … Read Mores

Optimal Performance of Crucible Liners

For optimal performance the correct crucible liner is imperative, Process Materials offers Alumina Al2O3, Intermetallic BN-TiB2, Copper, Tantalum, Graphite, Tungsten, … Read Mores

PMI Releases 2019 PVD Trade Show Schedule

Process Materials, Livermore, California, announces their 2019 PVD Trade Show Schedule. Our top priority when choosing these shows is to … Read Mores

Three Reasons for Vacuum Metallurgy

There are three basic reasons for vacuum processing of metals: Elimination of contamination from the processing environment Reduction of the … Read Mores

What is the Proper Way to Handle Tube Targets?

Process Materials carries exceptionally high standards on all products.  To assist our customers with proper handling of target tubes, we recommend … Read Mores

PMI Corporate Brochure

Download Process Materials Corporate Product Brochure Process Materials is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of sputtering targets, both planar and … Read Mores

Example of External Product Specification

SI SPUTTER TARGET PRODUCTION METHODOLOGY The target material is thermally sprayed and receives a surface finish. An adhesion-promoting layer is … Read Mores

Precious Metal Target Reclamation

Along with the fabrication of slugs, pellets, crucibles, or targets, Process Materials will reclaim and recover your spent targets and … Read Mores

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