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Planar Sputtering Targets

Planar Sputtering Targets

Our production/manufacturing capabilities range from prototyping to full production range.  Melting/casting, rolling, sintering, hot pressing, and vacuum-induction melting are part of our most advanced manufacturing/production processes to give you the highest quality product available.  Whether your material is a single piece or multi-tiled construction, bonded, bolted, or clamped, rectangular, triangular, circular, or ring-shaped, pure metal, alloy, or ceramic, Process Materials is your solution for high quality sputtering target materials and workmanship.


Process Materials carries high standards on all products.  We offer a variety of materials ranging from basic metals to high refractive ceramics.  You can purchase a range of targets from small diameter R&D targets to large-scale multi-tile designs.

We offer monolithic targets, small and large diameter design, multi-piece tile sets and custom designed target assemblies