Cylindrical Sputtering Targets

Cylindrical Sputtering Targets

Process Materials supplies a wide variety of different sized sputter targets for all major PVD sputtering systems. Manufacturing technologies for this application include casting, plasma spraying, arc spraying, wire flame spraying and pressing-sintering. Rotatable target lengths up to 4000mm, magnetron-specific end block, spray layer of dog-bone, surface finished or unfinished, new targets with or without backing tube or removal of “spent” material and applying a new layer. Metals, alloys, ceramic and precious metal sputtering targets are standard products.


Process Materials carries exceptionally high standards on all products.  To assist our customers with proper handling of target tubes, we recommend the following:

Target storage:

  • Keep a new sputtering target in its original packaging until it is used
  • If a used target needs to be stored again, it must be re-wrapped in protective paper, foil, or foam
  • The target must be stored in its original crate (supported on both ends and in the middle) and placed in dry and dust-free environment

Target Handling:

  • Never touch a sputter target surface with bare hands. Targets must be handled with plastic gloves to avoid contamination of the target surface and subsequent problems during sputtering
  • Before lifting with a crane or handling in any way, the sputtering target must be wrapped in protective paper and a layer of foam
  • The target surface must be kept clean at all times and free of dust, water, and grease

Precautions Under Vacuum:

  • When the sputter target is mounted and operation in a substantially horizontal position in the coater, it is preferred to engage cooling water to the target and sustain target rotation to prevent sagging or deformation of the tube
  • When a heating source is applied in the coater, it is necessary to engage cooling water to the target and sustain target rotation before the heaters are being activated.  This will prevent non-uniform thermal loading
  • Only after switch-off of the heaters and sufficient time to allow cooling of the system, rotation of the target may be stopped and the cooling water valve of the target may be closed

External Product Specification Example - Si Sputter Target

Production Methodology:

The target material is thermally sprayed and receives a surface finish. An adhesion-promoting layer is present on the stainless steel backing tube (SS 304). After quality control, the targets are wrapped in protective paper or foam, packed with silica gel in PVC bages and fixed in wooden crates for shipping.

Analytical Methods:

ICP/AAS analyzes chemical composition

ICP analyzes impurity levels

O/N element analyzer measures O/N levels

Balance with water vessel measures density

Metallographic analyzes microscopy


Surface Finish and Appearance at Shipment:

  • No cracks visible to the naked eye
  • Visible inclusions and/or hole (<0.1mm = acceptable; 0.1-0.5 = 5 in a 10mm annular ring; >0.5mm = unacceptable)