Large Area Coating

Large Area Coating. This category includes several market segments and a variety of thin film layer types. Industries that fall into this category are:
Architectural Glass
Automotive Glass
Flexible Packaging
Flat panel displays
Special applications such as electrochromics and anti-reflective coatings

1. Architectural Glass materials are highly transparent and neutral in color, tinted solar and low-e solar control combinations. Materials for low-e glass include: Ag/Ag alloys, Bi, Cr, Nb, NbOx, NiCr, Si, Sn, Ti, TiO2, ZnAl, ZnSn, ZnO/Al2O3, etc.
2. Automotive Glass materials are highly transparent and electrically conductive for flat or bent glass, solar control, mirrors and defrosting layers such as: Ag/Ag alloys, Al, Cr, Cu, InSn, Si, Sn, Stainless steel, Ti, ZnO/Al2O3 and ZnSn
3. Photovoltaic materials include Ag, Al, CuGa, ITO, Mo, Ni/NiV, Sn, ZnO/Al2O3 and ZnAl
4. Special application materials consist of Al, Cr, InSn, ITO, Nb, Si, Ti and W
5. Flat panel materials include Al, Al2O3, Cr, Cu, ITO, Mo, Nb, Ni, SiO2