About Us

At Process Materials, we believe our future rests on our corporate values and company culture. Earning a global reputation for our commitment to quality and service, we have maintained these values as part of our daily operations since 1997.

Process Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of consumable materials serving the thin film industry. Products include planar sputtering targets and cylindrical sputtering targets used in the production of flat panel displays, data storage devicesarchitectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaic, optical media, decorative coating, AR, LCDs, hard coatings, etc.

Target materials available include pure metals (including precious metals), alloys and compounds

We also carry a full line of evaporation materials

We are a corporate sponsor of the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) and a member of the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM). 

At Process Materials, trust is as important as technical knowledge.